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    IGS Pty Ltd Conditions of Engagement

      For a PDF copy please download 12-10-28 IGS Engagement Conditions.PDF

    1. Insitu Geotech Services Pty Ltd (IGS) is a testing contractor working under instructions from our client. IGS is not a consultant company and does not provide interpretation of test results or advice or recommendations on engineering or other matters.

    2. IGS owns and operates a test platforms (the rigs) and is prepared to push and test with our own test equipment, or to push and test with our clients’ provided testing equipment. When we push and test using our clients’ provided testing equipment this is done entirely at the direction of our client and all risk associated with loss or damage of test equipment is the client’s.

    3. All site access, selection of test positions and specifics of testing adopted is to our client’s specification and requirements. IGS is equipped to test using a variety of techniques and to a variety of test loads. Techniques and/or test loads chosen by the client directly dictate productivity rates.

    4. Test locations are chosen by the client, not by IGS. It is sometimes necessary to check for services before testing on a site. This services checking is our client’s responsibility unless IGS is otherwise requested and agrees. If requested by our client to undertake a services check, IGS may agree to do so and in this circumstance will charge for this service at either our quoted hourly/daily hire rate plus reasonable expenses, or at some other pre-agreed rate. IGS takes no responsibility for damage to in-ground services unless that damage is occasioned entirely by our own negligence.

    5. IGS personnel may be required to undertake site-specific safety or environmental inductions (or similar). On such occasions, and for the full period of time spent in these inductions, or waiting for them, or otherwise delayed by them, or as a consequence of them or of any other project-specific requirements of the client, IGS will charge for that time at the daily rate for rig and crew listed in the applicable proposal/quotation/agreement/understanding.

    6. IGS is a Queensland registered company and by law holds workers compensation insurance under WorkCover Queensland and public liability to a value of $10,000,000. This cover is Australia-wide. Should any additional or different insurances be required by Client or by others in regard to this work, then the cost of these additional or different insurances shall be charged at cost + 10% handling fee.

    7. Unless otherwise agreed, IGS will invoice at the immediate completion of the field testing work and/or at fortnightly intervals. Unless otherwise agreed, Client agrees to pay IGS’s invoices within 14 days of their issue date, plus 1% increase per each 14 days delay in payment after that date.

    8. Should client request IGS to operate under alternative conditions of engagement and should IGS agree to negotiate on this matter, the time spent in perusal, liaison, negotiation, etc may by agreement, be charged to the project as an addition to the establishment charge for the work.

    9. Our rates quoted are based on the assumption that we will, when working away from our home base, be permitted to work weekends. Should this not be permitted, client agrees that IGS may charge (at cost + 10%) for our employees travelling expenses so they may return to their homes over those un-worked weekends. Client also accepts any time losses associated with this scenario.

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